Kristina Aldrich 

Owner & Master Stylist

A licensed stylist since 2000, Kristina has worked in a salon, booth rented, worked as an instructor at The New England School of Hair Design & then opened Vivo Salon & Day Spa in 2008.

What does Kristina love about the industry?

"I love the variety of services I provide to my clients, however color is my favorite! I love making my clients feel good & building relationships with people. My favorite thing about what I do is that I have met so many wonderful people and made so many friends. My clients are like my extended family".

What does Kristina love about Vivo?

"I love giving back to the community that supports my small business. Opening my own salon has given me the opportunity to continue working with clients, teach and give back to various non profits. It's the best of all worlds! I have an amazing team who are as invested in Vivo as I am and for that I am blessed. I love that we are a family and that we love spending time together both at work and outside of work".

A little about Kristina:

"I live in Enfield, NH with my husband, two sons Tanner & Kellen and black lab Bella. I also have a bonus son David who lives in Wilder, Vt. I am incredibly proud of all 3 of my boys. When not at work I can be found playing in the garden, reading, camping & spending time with family & friends".


Brittny Wadsworth-McNamara

Master Stylist

Brittny has been a licensed stylist since 2011 and joined our team at Vivo in 2017.

What does Brittny love about the industry?

"I love makinng people feel happy. I love doing total transformations, getting to know my clients as well as expanding my knowledge in the industry. I love doing new and trendy styles/haircuts and balayage/highlighting".

What does Brittny love about working at Vivo?

"I love the clients and of course my Vivo family.The girls at work make it feel like home and I have the kindest most amazing and understanding boss ever! I appreciate my Vivo family".

A little about Brittny:

"I have an awesome husband and a wonderful 3 year old son named Declan. We love going to the beach and being outdoors. My family is big into hunting so every May we go turkey hunting and September-December is deer season. I have a big family so I'm always around them having bbq's or doing family day trips around New England. I have 1 dog, 1 cat and 4 chickens (I'm the crazy chicken lady) and hope that one day I'll have a mini farm".

Jennifer Palmer

Junior Stylist

Jenn has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2011 and has been a member of our team since 2018.

What does Jenn love about the industry?

"I love meeting new people and making them feel good about themselves. My favorite service is updo's! I love creating unique styles for your special day! I love making memories special with the perfect look and creating lasting relationships with my clients. Makeovers are fun too! Going from long to short or brunette to blond is my jam! Expect some before & after photos in my chair"

What does Jenn love about working at Vivo?

"I'm the youngest stylist at Vivo and am super bubbly and fun. I always have something to talk about. I love the homey atmosphere of Vivo. Our team is truly like a family and the guests are right there with us. We are a huge support system for each other".

A little about Jenn:

"I have two daughters so if you need someone who is patient with kids cuts, I'm your girl! I recently got a puppy so I may talk your ear off about him, he's just the cutest thing! When not at work I enjoy playing outside with my girls, husband and dog, baking, music, dancing, photography & the beach".

Shelly Way

Full Time Salon & Spa Coordinator & Cosmetology Apprentice

Shelly is is the bubbly, helpful voice you hear on the phone, the multitasking wizard who keeps everything running smoothly & the smiling face ( under the mask) who will take care of you once you are finished with your stylist.

What does Shelly love about our industry?

"I love being here to help the stylists, I love feeling useful and needed. Being a team is what makes me love my job".

What does Shelly love about working at Vivo?

"I love working at Vivo because we're a family here. We are accepting and loving and we have a lot of fun"!

A little about Shelly:

"I try my best to be positive and uplifting.I like to put myself out there and make any situation as fun as I can. I like to spend my time with my sister and my friends. I also love to write and sing"!

Kathy Yurek

Master Stylist

A licensed stylist since 1985. Many in our industry know her as Ms. Hull from her teaching days at The New England School of Hair Design. Kristina was one of her students! Kathy came to join us at Vivo in 2017.

What does Kathy love about the industry?

"You can find me behind the chair cutting and coloring.....not so much the rainbow works.....I'm happy to let the next generation take the wheel there. I love my weekly seniors and am always happy to get my jam on in the waxing room".

What does Kathy love about working at Vivo?

"I love working with my salon family and my clients. I love that we are community centered and that we are a close knit group focused on families".

A little about Kathy:

"I am married to my job, second only to my hubby. I live out in the woods and enjoy my downtime and baking. Bingo and my dog Ginger keep me centered. I have a stepdaughter and 2 grandchildren in Conn that we don't see often enough".